The Aristocrats are a seven piece function and wedding band based in Cork. Formed in the early noughties they have been playing extensively all over the country for well over a decade. Made up of seasoned session musicians and educators they possess a level of musicianship few other bands can match.


How Many Are In The Band And Will They All Be There At The Wedding/function?

There are seven in the band and they will all be there on the night.

What Music Do You Play?

We play an extensive range of music from pre-war swing to modern pop and rock via pretty much every decade in between.

What Sets The Aristocrats Apart From Other Bands?

We are made up of seasoned session musicians and educators and possess a musicianship few other bands can match. We also travel with a sound engineer to ensure everything sounds as good as it can and that volumes are carefully monitored to suit the situation.

With seven members including live brass and with both a male and female singer we produce a full “big production” sound that is incredibly versatile. It also means our price per person compares favourably with other bands.

We are all professional musicians who place as much emphasis on stage craft and entertainment as we do on musicianship.

Can We (The Client) Dictate The Set List?

Our first instinct is to do whatever we can to meet our clients wishes, however, we have found through the years that it is just not feasible to change the set for every function. The sheer number of gigs we do makes this virtually impossible and we have found that sticking to the extensive and developed selection of songs we have to choose from generally delivers the best results with regards to a full dance floor. We will happily learn and play your first dance and will learn and play one other song of your choice.

I Have Quite A Few Older People At My Event. Will They Be Catered For?

Definitely. We aim to get everyone dancing as much as possible and have songs from every generation in our repertoire. We also have a considerable number of waltzes available should people want to waltz.

How Long Do You Play For?

At weddings we perform for two and a half hours with a short break for teas and coffees the time of which we will co-ordinate with the venue. Usually times would be 9.30pm until 12am or 10pm until 12.30am.

We do not usually do an early set up. With our set up time being so quick (usually 45 min or less) we have found it largely unnecessary. If you require an early set up please contact us prior to a month before the event and if it is at all possible we will do our best to accommodate.

Points To Bear In Mind When Booking Any Band.

Go and see the band for yourself whenever possible. It is very difficult to convey what a band does through video and recordings at best you get an impression but there is no substitute for seeing the show. Maybe go say hello if you fancy, they will genuinely be happy to chat (I know we always are).

When you go to see the band don’t try and fit too many bands in in one night. Try and see and much of the set as possible. Generally bands should have their set worked out to flow a certain way and over two hours the mood and vibe will change considerably.

Think about the people attending the event when booking your band. Versatility rules if you want to keep the dance floor full.

The simplest thing is to just book us and relax. We will take care of it